An annual Christmas party for people in need.

Highlights of the day include: Free Christmas dinner, appetisers, cocktails, music, gifts, raffle draws, networking and lots more.


Food At Reach Project

The Food at Reach Project is a new initiative by Hilltop Aid charity to provide food to homeless people within Barking & Dagenham who are believed to have basic needs like food. The main aim of the project is to relieve homeless people within the reach of Hilltop Aid the worries of hunger as they already have too much to cope with regarding their homelessness status.

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Home Builders Project

Home-Builders Project is one of Hilltop Aid’s many projects aimed at preventing homelessness. The main goal of Home-Builders project is to empower women among families living in temporary accommodations and women among families at risk of becoming homeless to become motivated through training, career workshops and one-to-one support to take on new skills in order to be financially independent and subsequently promote social integration and emotional stability within their family units and the community as a whole..

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HUB Project

The “HUB” prevention project is a day activity programme, that aims to create a safe environment, where homeless people within Barking and Dagenham borough can come and have free nourished meals & drinks, free advice & information on: Housing Options, Benefits Entitlements, Debt Management, Basic Skills Training, Employment Opportunities, HealthyLlifestyles. The activity program will include, Free Fun Activities & Social Interaction: music, games, raffle draw, competitions, movies, and a relaxed atmosphere.

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